Posted by: Andrew | September 24, 2011


Over the past few weeks we’ve had a couple of visitors to our new place.  The new townhouse is much bigger than the old apartment, so we finally feel like we can have company without all being on top of each other all the time.

The weekend before Labor Day, my parents and little brother came to visit, they even brought their own guest bed and were kind enough to leave it here for future use.  We had a great time hanging out, feeding them some Blackthorn Pub Pizza (if you’re ever in St. Louis, you must try it, and it’s a block away from us, so while you’re in the neighborhood stop in and say hey)!  They got to go to church with us on Saturday and experience the Festival of Nations right up the street from us in Tower Grove Park (think yummy ethnic food booth times 40).  It was great seeing them and we hope we get to see them again soon.

Last weekend, Bethany’s parents came into town for a weekend visit.  We made sure their bellies were filled while they were here with the Blackthorn pizza and Pappy’s BBQ.  Friday was the Forest Park Balloon Glow, where you sit and watch hot air balloons tethered to the ground fire off their flames and…glow!  So I dropped Bethany and her parents off in the park as close as I could get them and set off to find a parking spot, thinking I could make quick work of it.  Wrong!  Every road in the park was blocked off and/or required a permit to park on and I ended up parking about a mile and a half away.  So by the time I got to the park the glow was over and everyone was ready to go.  I was less than thrilled, but I set off to get the car and now I have a story to tell, so it’s all good.  We also got to take them to church with us on Saturday and just had an overall good time hanging out.

So if you’re in The Lou and you need a spot to crash, give us a heads up, we like having visitors, and we even have a place for you to sleep now (thanks Mom and Dad and Johnny)!



  1. Loved our time with you! Can’t wait to come back! What are you doing Oct. 20, 21, 22? JD has Fall Break.

    • Not sure yet, we’ll take a gander at the calendar and let you know.

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